Man Grooming for Movember and Every Month of the Year

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Man Grooming Tips for Shaving and Trimming Beards

November is upon us or as we refer to it, Movember. If you are growing out your beard for this month or you celebrate Movember year around, you need help. Unless you are going complete caveman. How does Steve keep his facial hair looking great? Glad you asked. Here are Steve’s tips for Man Grooming year around.

Man Grooming – Daily Shaving

Well, daily is being generous. I shave a couple days a week and not because I am facial hair challenged. It’s more about time and sensitive skin. I am a proud member of Dollar Shave Club and get blades delivered monthly. You can also choose every other month. I don’t mess around with the less expensive blades I go straight to the $9 blades (Executive). The executive blades are still much less than what I was previously paying. Check out Dollar Shave Club here.

The man grooming starts with getting the oil off my face with NIVEA MEN Energy Face Scrub Foaming Gel. I am currently using Gillette shaving gel, but I am always trying something new. After shaving, I am using Nivea for Men post-shaving balm. It is for sensitive skin and does not leave my skin looking and feeling oily.

Man Grooming – Beard Trimming

If you are going for the caveman look, you can skip this section. For the last 20+ years, to keep my beard looking neat and clean, I have turned to clippers for my man grooming. The ones I used are similar to the $20 ones below. The do a good job keeping my beard in shape, but the chord is a pain and they are bulky to travel with. Recently, I turned to the Wahl 9860-700 Groomsman Pro All-in-one Rechargeable Grooming Kit for my man grooming needs. The 9860 is compact for travel and the re-chargeable battery hold a charge for weeks.

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