2 Great Free Image Editors – What I Learned 2/11/16

free image editors

Free Image Editors Mentioned on This Podcast

I learned about 2 Great Free Image Editors while listening to a new Podcast today. So, if you include the podcast, I guess I learned 3 things today. The Podcast is Social Media Marketing Podcast. I started binge listening to it on the 11th. You can listen to by going to Social Media Examiner or do what I do and just look it up in Overcast and subscribe.

2 Great Free Image Editors

The first free image editor mentioned was PicMonkey.com. It looks similar to Canva but geared toward photos. Whereas Canva is geared toward creating graphics that may or may not include photos. If you want more on Canva, check out the article, Three Free Business Tools I Use Every Day. I confirmed there is a free basic version, but you have to sign up to try. I am going to give it a try and will report back.

The second free image editor mentioned was TinyPNG. You drag images onto their home page and the images get compressed without loss of quality. You don’t need and account to use. I dropped 6 images and they were compressed in about a minute and the compression ranged from 10% to 71%. They also have a WordPress plugin. This looks very promising, I am going to play with this some more and get back to you.

Update on Free Image Editors

increase website speedIf you poke around the Internet, you will find a bunch of articles on how website speed affects conversion rates. I was very curious to see how adding a tool like TinyPNG into my website publishing process could increase website speed. I did some testing with TinyPNG and measured the results. I put my findings in an article, How to Increase Website Speed by 35% in 5 Minutes and Increase Sales.

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