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Hi, I’m Steve and I approved this message. In fact, I wrote this message.

You came to this page to get the background to Buy Steve’s Stuff, which is really about Steve. You see, gadgets are in my blood. The favorite jobs that I had in my life revolved around gadgets. In fact at two different points in my life, two different companies paid me to design and source cases for gadgets. One of them was crazy enough to send me out to Las Vegas for the two weeks around CES from setup, through the show, and then tear down. CES is like gadget heaven.

When I say gadgets are in my blood I am not kidding. I had a Grandfather that in retirement was building computers in his study. In the 80’s. For those millennials out there, in the 80’s, the only windows we had were to see through and the only Macintosh’s were apples. It was a dark time… But wait there’s more… I have an aunt whose husband has banned her from going to Best Buy. Her addiction is that bad.

I have a bunch of stories about a bunch of people in my family, but I am done going down those rabbit holes for now. It’s time to bring you up to speed on what is going on behind the scenes.

I am pulling back the curtain to tell you what is going on here. You are a guinea pig. Huh? Did Steve just call me a Guinea pig? That’s right while this site is real and everything for sale is legit, the whole site at the same time is a test. Buy Steve’s Stuff has been set up to test products, marketing, software, and processes. You can call it life hacking or growth hacking. You can combine the two and call it lith hacking or grife hacking, but I wouldn’t do that. It sounds weird and people will look at you funny.

Don’t worry, being a guinea pig is not bad. You get great deals on gadget and other cool stuff. The tactics used on this site are white hat. You can read the privacy policy and it looks like most sites out there. Cookies and Google dart are used. There are ads from third parties, but one thing we will not do is sell or give away you contact info. If you give us your info the only emails and snail mail will come from us.

Sit back, relax and let the tests begin. I promise it will only hurt a little and we will have fun along the way. Bookmark this site and come back regularly, sign up for our email list, and/or follow the social media of your choice. Let us know what you think using #buystevesstuf. But, only nice stuff, I can’t take it if you are mean.

Have fun and release your inner geek.

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